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Ultimate Guide To Real Estate SEO | Actionable Ways To Increase Traffic and Leads

Ultimate Guide To Real Estate SEO

Every person wants his or her Real Estate site to land on the first page of Google. Do you want to boost your sales to your prospects in order to make a lot of profit? Real Estate SEO is one of the key places to skyrocket your business.

Successful realtors follow successful techniques and patterns to outshine their competitors. This ultimate guide gives you great tips and tactics if you want to succeed as a Real Estate Agent.

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Let’s dive in.

Real Estate SEO is one of the significant technique that can take off your real estate website in a unique way. Do you have the insatiable desire to drive massive traffic to your realtor site? This is the opportune time.

Top 7 Actionable SEO For Realtors

  1. Placement of Keywords

Keywords are straightforward terms that help the prospects to find your real estate site. Meticulously, you should come up with a bunch of keywords you want to include in your articles.

Always make sure that all the posts contain the primary keyword, secondary keywords, and LSI keywords.

 These keywords should be placed in the following areas:

  • URL
  • Page Title
  • Numerous Times on the Page
  • Image Titles
  • Alt Tag Image

The above elements should appear as follows


Page Title: The Best Florida Real Estate on the Market

Numerous Times on the Page: You want to mention the same phrase or keyword around 1-2 percent of the time. If you have 1,000 words on your article, you should include the phrase 10 to 20 times.

Image Titles: florida-real-estate.jpg

Alt Tag Image: When you are uploading pictures on your Word Press Site, you can opt to set the alt text.

Real Estate SEO must be done in the right way. Some realtors ask why their sites aren’t ranking on Google.

If you want your website to land on the first page of Google, you must do thorough keyword research and make your content powerful, solid, and compelling to your readers.

  1. Percentage of Keywords

You must include your keywords in your articles rightly. Don’t over-optimize because Google will slap your site and de-rank it.

A suitable ratio is 1-2 percent.

  1. Supportive Phrasing and Keywords Synonyms

Supportive phrasing and keywords synonyms are very important. This shows Google that your page has deep information, which is very helpful to the readers. You can use LSI graphs to come up with Keywords Synonyms and Supportive Phrasing. You can also include some of the keywords that are found at the bottom of the page after you Google or browse any topic.

  1. Real Estate Long Tail Keywords

This is another way of keywords modification that adds value to Real Estate SEO. Make sure to use long-tail keywords because they will help your Real Estate Site to rank faster.

  1. Local Schema Address- You Need to Put a Map on It

Does your real estate site contain an inserted Google Map? If it doesn’t have, you need to include one on it.

The maps assist Google to know the location of your business and show that your site is legitimate.

If your Real Estate website is built with WordPress, you can look for some plugins that will help you come up with a Site Map.

  1. Right Telephone Number Format

You must confirm that your phone number is correct and consistent on the web.

This is because of the following reasons:

  • Google is a trusted internet company that wants to give its people reliable and authentic information.
  • Always make sure that your phone number has the following parentheses or dashes like the numbers below.



  1. Internal Link Building

 Internal linking is the most crucial part of SEO for Real Estate Agent. You must link up a minimum of five pages on every content you write. This gives your readers a chance to get detailed information about correlated topics.

Internal linking gives the search engine an opportunity to access your older articles.

top guide real estate seo

Top 4 Benefits of SEO For Real Estate Agent

You can have numerous benefits by using SEO for Real Estate Agent. It does not only boost the traffic of your website but also increases the online visibility as it gives you the chance to generate a lot of leads.

Let’s get into the top 4 benefits of SEO for Real Estate Agent now

  1. Boost Traffic and Accelerate Conversion Rate

According to the research that has been done, it shows that SEO for Real Estate Agent boost the rankings of your website significantly.

Statistics manifest that approximately 64.5 percent of the internet users click on the first 3 results displayed on the search engines. Around 10 percent of the folks move to the 2nd page to search for more information.

SEO for Real Estate Agent is a remarkable way to get your realtor site ranked on the first pages of Google.

  1. High ROI

SEO for Real Estate Agent works like a charm. This great search engine tactic has been proved to boost the rate of conversions and click-through rate (CTR), which will automatically give you more profits

  1. Greater Brand Awareness

SEO for Real Estate Agent boost your online visibility. When your real estate business becomes visible in the search engine, it increases the brand awareness of your company.

  1. Leadership and Authority

If you want your real estate site to be spotted by SERPs, you must aim at the quality of your website. Google is always looking for sites that have authoritative content. Your articles should be linked to other sites that have high domain authority.

Quality content is compelling because it increases the rate of users’ interaction in the form of comments and shares.


Wrapping Up

The article has elucidated the exceptional tactics that real estate agents can use to optimize their sites. It is not easy to rank your website on the first page of Google, but with this ultimate guide, it is possible. Make sure your site is correctly optimized by an expert so that you can get a higher Return on Investments.

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