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Sought-After Backlinks Service and Niche-Relevant PBN!

SEO Private Blog Network Backlinks

is one of the most effective ways to help websites ranked for highly competitive keywords. The only struggle? almost all “Private Blog Network” are not private and lack the quality and safety measures to last long term. The result? Backlinks with little to no effect, or worse, do more harm than good.

That’s why we created Premade’s Best PBN backlinks Service– the Superb Private Blog Network Sites Service — built with extensive safety measures ensuring both vast safety and powerful results.

When you order Premade’s Private Blog Network, you’re getting the high quality private blog network – niche relevant, homepage backlinks, 100% handwritten content, natural looking backlinks, high authority sites – giving you great results in a short period of time.

best pbn service for business

Trusted by big organizations

What makes Private Blog so in demand? Their natural weight can skyrocket a website’s rankings in a short period of time. When built correctly like Premade’s PBN service, it provide instant link juice, skyrocket your rankings for almost every keyword in the digital world, regardless of difficulty. Our network are highly maintained and hosted by top-notch PBN hosting companies.

Almost each and every website that dominates the top of search results are using private blog networks to protect their rankings. While there are PBN service providers offer PBN’s that are easily detected or sometimes linking expired domains, got spammed blog comments, all backlinks from Premade SEO link will be built from privately owned and natural looking sites, created to ensure your backlinks remain safe and incredibly powerful.

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Vast Safety Measure

Usually, the only strategy to secure valuable backlinks from private blog networks is if you create the network yourself. Minimal people know how to do this securely or in a way that skyrocket search engine rankings on demand. It takes years of study and expertise to be able to handle a network effectively. Fortunately, there’s an easier way.

Here at Premade SEO, we’ve been creating & handling private networks backlinks for years. We create network with safety first then power, making sure a long-term solution rather than an instant hit. When you order you’ll receive a network from very natural looking, high citation flow, high domain authority, perfectly positioning your keywords to see impressive rank improvements in a short amount of time or even ranking on the 1st page.

Niche Relevant Sites

While most PBNs are grouped together onto general type sites, this can cause disaster if too many of these are built. Not only that, you’re also missing out on the benefits of niche-relevant networks, a strong Google algorithm signal.

And with Premade’s best PBN service, you’ll backlinks juice from niche-relevant sites only. Let’s say, if you are in car rental business, you will only receive backlink from car rental sites. We take pride in providing you with the highest quality backlinks that not only look natural but will definitely boost your search engine authority and rankings.

Our Private Blog Networks are hosted with different IP’s to make it more natural in Google’s eyes. They also have low OBL (Outbound Links) to protect the site’s effectivity in ranking our clients’ site including your site.

If you’re tired of buying cheap PBN with minimal to no effect in ranking your site, posted on trash domains with poor design and spun content. We are very proud to introduce you our best PBN service.

Aged Domains
Real AGED domains with age up to 14 years (Average 7+)

No Deleted Domains:
No deleted domains, PERIOD! All these domains are acquired from auctions.

High Referring Domains/IPs
Average Referring Domains : 250+ This was our main factor while choosing domains alongside backlink quality. The domains are powered by hundreds of high quality backlinks. Other metrics might vary over the course of time but most of the backlinks stay.

Optimized Websites
Years Of Services
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Keyword Search

We will research the best keyword for your brand that has high search volume and low competition, it’s also the best part of our SEO link services.

fast seo services results

Competitive Analysis

We will study all online strategies of your direct competitors to ensure that your business SEO link building has the higher rate of winning clients online.

Network Building

Backlinks are the most important factor in determining how high your site ranks in Google. We will give your website a strong backlink from niche relevant sites, ensuring you have a natural & complete backlink profile.

Web Marketing Analytics

Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of web data to help you improve you marketing strategy online.

About Our Top Notch PBN Service

Very High Quality
100% Money Sites Safe
100% Handwritten Posts
Hompage Backlinks (Guaranteed!)
Very High DA/PA (Average DR 40+ up to 70+)
Domain Age 7+ Years
Hosted From Class A, B C Unique IPs
Page Rank Improvement
Anchor Text (Free Analysis)
TF/CF  20+ / RD 100+
Niche-Relevant Sites (Available)
Low Outbound Links (Minimum 20 Per Domain)
Drip Feed Option

PBN Backlinks Service 

Premade SEO is a well-known platform to get high-trust flow PBN link. The astonishing features of this website will amaze you. You’ll see your posts ranking in google and site that never get penalized by Google. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We know the best things for your blogs, and we’ll be delighted to serve you in this regard. Don’t go for the unknown, less reputed and expensive SEO companies. Premade SEO service offers backlinks with the following traits;

  • Domain authority and page authority of the site will be high. The post will index fast. 
  • Your work will be completed on time.
  • The SEO backlinks will be provided from the same niche websites. It provides great safety, as well.
  • All the article are unique and human written. Your backlink will be on a good quality SEO optimized content. 
  • If you have a website where you want to generate revenue, choose our PBN service. Our Backlinks are well suited for money website. You will have more traffic, more earning and more sales. 

Other Features of Our Private Blog Network Service 

  • We provide backlinks from old and high authority websites. Some of the domains are 14 years old, while every domain aged seven years.
  • We have satisfied SEO clients around the world. The company enjoys regular users just because of quality backlinks. 
  • To make our PBN link more natural, sites are hosted on different IPs. This is the major factor that you need to keep in mind while choosing a PBN link service. 
  • We offer low outbound link on content. This makes your backlink look natural and well deserved on the content.
  • We build you a private network with all the safety measures to get powerful results. 
  • The company offers a money-back guarantee. If you don’t see the metrics we promised, we’ll return your money – no question asked.

Frequently Ask Questions


Do you have a locked-in contract?
– NO, definitely no strings attached however most of our clients sticking to us because of the amazing results we can provide!

Do you work with non-English sites?
Definitely. We’ve worked with a number of sites in different languages before and got some great results. The posts are still written in English, but the anchors are in your preferred language, such as Spanish, German, Italian etc.

What is the turn around time?
All orders will be completed within 14 days. If you have your backlinks drip fed over 14 days, this will increase turn around time by up to 14 days to make it a maximum of 28 days.

Can I get a report after?
Yes. We will send you a report on completion of the order. The report is white-labeled perfect for resellers.

Is this suitable for new sites?
Sure is. If your site is under 3 months old, we usually recommend that you use branded/generic anchors and drip feed backlinks over 14-21 days.

Do you accept all sites?
We can’t accept gambling sites, casino site, adult sites, pharmaceuticals sites, illegal downloading sites etc. If you’re unsure if your site is suitable, send a message and we can give you a definite Yes or No.

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