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Effective Facebook Ads

Reach More People, Close More Sales!
Affordable Facebook Advertising

Effective Facebook Advertising gives business fast and effective results if you know how to capture demographic’s behavior and interest. From spending lots of money and time to master the Facebook algorithm, we can proudly say that we can provide your business guaranteed results.

Facebook ads is one of the best ways to scale your business’s awareness and to generate customer growth in a short period of time. Instead of paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for advertising on Google Adwords, radio advertising slots or television ads, you can use the data that Facebook has on their users to accurately target people that want to purchase and engage with what you offer.

Affordable Facebook advertising

Advertisement Monitoring

We will keep an eye on your Active campaigns, Ad sets and Ads to make sure all of them are profitable. We are split-testing experts and always study the best ad-copy that would work best and boost the engagement of your ads. Vast experience and wise targeting on Facebook ads allow your business to achieve affordable Facebook advertising or a lower CPM/CPC, therefore lower the cost of lead and definitely lower the cost per acquisition.

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Ad Copy

We will create a compelling ad copy for your Facebook ads to increase the engagement and encourage audiences to click your advertisement that can lead to purchasing.

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Product Research

The team will conduct a product or service research to know which best strategy can give you fast results. Proper research entails better ROIs.


We will target only qualified audience for your product or service. Right targeting is the key to have a higher conversion rate.

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Custom Audience

We can gather all qualified prospects from your data in one place and use them as your audience in specific product or service you are trying to promote.

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Energize Your Website Lead Flow

Facebook lead generation is one tremendous objective that you can use to increase your customers online that lead to business growth. In addition, having effective lead generation campaign will keep your small business busy and automates your clients’ acquisition. Affordable social media marketing allows your business to convert high-quality leads in a very cost-effective way. Lead generation is a very time-consuming strategy, you may be struggling to generate leads while you are providing your services or products, the good thing is effective Facebook marketing will let you acquire leads while you’re focusing on the core of your business.

Most business owners like yourself dreaming to scale their business. It could be from zero to 7 figures a year, bottom line you want to be more successful and achieve the life you deserve. We have helped 8 businesses achieve that goal. Yes, only 8 business and if you will ask us why we got a plain answer. Almost 95% of business owners failed to hire a right company that can ultimately provide real results. That’s where our company coming in, we will study first your business funnel and fix what is broken before we proceed giving you highly qualified leads from our effective Facebook marketing. You can only grow your business if you know how to fix what is broken.

Let Premade SEO handle your Facebook ads and you will get the results you never had before!

About This Service

Our affordable Facebook advertising is the fastest advertising strategy that we can offer to your business. Social Media marketing strategies that would cost thousands of bucks through other online marketing platforms can be used on Facebook for a fraction of the cost. This makes it ideal for small and medium firms with a limited marketing budget. Larger firms can also trial marketing concepts through Facebook prior committing to larger campaigns.

Facebook advertising can literally provide fast and tangible results using a proper targeting method and funneling phases. This largest social media platform in the world also allow you to laser-target demographic base on Age, Gender, Location, Devices, Interest, Behavior and many more.

Having all the metrics data that you need – you can then easily improve your lead acquisition strategy, lower the ad-spend and increase the revenue as soon as you launch your winning ad campaign!

By years of testing and investing in different Facebook Mastery Class, we ultimately overcome the newbie syndrome and be the Facebook Ninja at its finest.

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It’s really hard to find affordable SEO services that work, I almost tried twelve different SEO companies but failed to have improvement in my rankings. Therefore, I never stop on searching until I found Premade SEO that offers affordable yet effective SEO services. Thank you guys and looking forward to your success!


These guys walk their talks, they really are. I love how they make my current position easier and efficient. Guys let’s hit more work thank you!

Web Marketing Analyst

I shouldn’t be doing this for you guys but you deserve this recommendation. I don’t actually have to deal with our online marketing but after deploying a ton of “so-called SEO experts”, the company still messed up. Long story short, I made my own move and find Premade SEO company and you guys rock!

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