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Why Is Content The Key To Getting More Dental Patients

Before, creating content and SEO were two completely different approaches. You’d need two professionals for your site, one to write your content and another to optimize written content for search engine (most likely a digital SEO expert).
The process is something like this: your writer gobbles up generic content from different sites. Then you’d purchase some backlinks and hire an SEO company to polish the page titles and insert targeted keywords throughout your site pages. And, boom! You just landed on Google’s first page!

Today, the ball game is totally different. Google’s ever-changing algorithm is becoming more challenging and moving high up the flag requires more creativity and determination. In this article, you’ll be learning some golden secrets of optimization and how quality content creation is the KEY to getting more dental patients to rush in the queue for your dental services.


Without quality content, dental SEO is worthless

Targeted keywords and high-quality backlinks are a must factors in Google algorithms. But they are no longer the only measure for search engines. Quality content is the heart of any successful dental marketing (you can confirm through authority dental websites).

Content is the key, Let’s see it this way

An individual browsing the web for information is a prospective customer of the Search engine. Typically, Google wants to satisfy every searcher. Therefore, they must deliver a fast solution in an effective way. If you over-optimize your website (for example, you’re keyword stuffing the term “California Dentist” 12 times on one page), then you’re diminishing back on user’s expectation. However, if you provide rich content that client finds useful- while naturally incorporating the selection of targeted keywords- Google will be more moved towards rewarding you.

So, How does Google identify “HIGH-QUALITY” Dental content?

Necessary backlinks and social “interactions” are two signs. Also, something more important is engagement. Engagement influences how potential patients interact with your dental site after landing on them. Google can track your engagement using different methods, such as page bounce rate, average time demographic spend in a particular page.

Tell them your brand story

Quality content is not just about satisfying SEO. If you plan to convert visitors into reception room patients, you must continuously create contents that “WOW” them every time they visit your site. Your content is what compels them to take actions. Your task is to uniquely separate your practice from other competitors by giving your prospective patients a concrete reason as to why they should choose you. Speak the problem of your ideal patient and tell your story in a way that triggers their emotion. In the end, tell your ideal patient who you
are, what you do, and how you’re uniquely different from the other dental providers in their area.

  • Let your everyday content be moved towards your dental patients, not Search engines
  • Include natural and targeted keywords on your pages
  • Don’t go for SEO companies that control SEO strategies by getting fast, overnight ranking, etc… (it doesn’t last long) – Preferably research dental marketing specialists and experts and try to only work with dental marketing experts who know what they are doing not just pretending to be a dental marketer.
  • Create a compelling story that triggers their emotions which lead them to take action (which is picking up their phone and calling your dental office to book an appointment)
  • Lastly, as I always say, SEO is about your patients, it’s about people NOT the Google algo. Potential clients who land to your website must feel that human connection between their queries and your website contents which provides value to them. The rest will follow absolutely.

Where your dental practice is concerned, you would often come to the point that it would be best to get the SEO work done on your own. In your opinion, how difficult could it get? However, the reality is that once you sit down to get the actual work done, do you come to realize that there is way more to it than meets the eye.

It demands in-depth knowledge of every aspect of Google platform, ever-changing 200-factor ranking algorithms as well as many hours of doing SEO, high-quality PBN links for your dental website. To clear things, SEO is not an overnight learning, it requires dedication, non-stop testing, thousands of hours and motivations.

If you think that you’d love to focus on your patients and dentistry only (the thing that you are very good at 🙂 ) then let the dental industry experts such as Premade SEO look after your best dental marketing practices, feel free to book a “Strategy Call” by clicking here “Book Now”.

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