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Thinking To Build Private Blog Networks (PBN)? Do PBN links still work in 2019?

Thinking To Build Private Blog Networks (PBN)? Do PBN links still work in 2019?


Anyone with the need of  SEO must know about Private Blog Networks also known as PBN’s. The main concept of PBN is very simple although it is much difficult to establish it. If you are here, then it is clear that you are interested in building your own PBN. In this article, you will find all the information you need to understand about PBN and its value in 2019.

If you are new to this concept, then you must be wondering if PBN’s still works in 2019 or is there any risk involved in using them? Well, the short answer is yes for both questions. So the next question is, should you build it? We say that it is up to you. We are providing you with all this information about PBN so that you will be able to make an educated decision yourself.

About PBN

The word PBN stands for Private Blog Network. This is a technique webmasters use to create a group of blogs or websites for the sole purpose of SEO. These websites or PBN falls under the category of link building via SEO.

This was not the case in the beginning when PBN was considered a legal mean to boost any website’s ranking. However, the things change when people start abusing this SEO technique, so naturally, Google had to take action against it. PBN was considered to be the best SEO technique before 2014, and everyone wants to have one to boost their website’s ranking in Google.

That was until Google apply some strict rules regarding PBN which completely destroys those who were abusing it along with some popular marketing blogger’s PBNs. That is not the case with everyone, and there are those who are still taking advantage of PBN while staying under the limit.

You can say that PBN’s are another form of Web 2.0 with more power to boost your website. In this method, you use expired domains with already build authority instead of using sub-domains from Blogger or WordPress. You can buy the correct expired domains niche to your website and build a proper network. This way you can have an excellent asset for yourself.

Now there is a lot of talks these days about Google treating PBN’s like a Black hat and catching them but if you follow these steps, not only you will be able to avoid detection but also gain significant benefits from your PBN assets.

  1. Whois Info: The very first thing Google notice is that if you have too many domains which are linked to one another and that all domains are registered openly under the same name. This is the clear indication that all these domains are part of a PBN. All you need is to acquire Whois protection for an extra fee.
  2. The IP address and Hosting: Other mistake PBN owners make that they won’t change the IP of the websites using in PBN. They use shared hosting which is not good if you want to hide your PBN presence from Google. The simple solution is to purchase a dedicated IP address for each domain to avoid detection.
  3. Contact and Company Details: In some countries, it is essential to add this info for monetizing your website, which you do as it is part of any marketing strategy. So if someone reports you, then there is a chance that you get fined.
  4. Design, Content and Formatting: Most of the time webmasters make duplicate websites and change only color or logo. This may fool others but same content, platform and theme mean you are putting a bullseye on your back for Google.
  5. Analytics: Do not put many websites under the same analytic account. This mistake will get you caught faster than any other.
  6. Script ID: You need separate subscriptions if you want to use different tools that require tracking; otherwise it will be easy for others to make a connection between your PBN’s websites.

These are the most common knowledge points about Google tracking. Some experts including us think that Google may also be looking at other things related to your PBN, which are:

Email Registration: Registering anything under the same email is a mistake, especially if you are using Gmail. This mistake can compromise your operation by linking everything to the same email. 

Location: Changing email won’t work for you if you log them from the same IP address at home. Doing that will signal Google about the relation between your PBN sites which is not good. You need multiple proxies to keep them clean.

Is PBN Still Effective?

Now that you know what PBN links are and how to avoid detection from Google, are you still wondering if PBN still works? To be honest with you, in our opinion it’s a 50/50 chance because we never know what new update Google launch in the future, but we know that for sure that there are lots of people who are still taking advantage from PBN. So ultimately it is safe to say that PBN is still effective in 2019.

No matter what people think after 2014, PBN’s still works because of the value of backlinks in SEO ranking. As long as backlinks matters in SEO, PBN’s will continue to work. Now as for how Google trick everyone and always stay one step ahead of link-builders, that is another thing.

We can’t deny it that PBN is the ultimate SEO technique. This realization made both webmaster and Google scared. Webmasters were always afraid of getting caught and Google of more people discovering this Ultimate SEO technique. So naturally, Google tried everything in its power to stay one step ahead of this technique.

It is common knowledge that Google deeply cares about backlinks. It is one of the main factors that influence SERP ranking. Google had tried removing this factor from the algorithm but it backfired by providing false search engine results. Everyone links to other websites, and if done properly then there is a slim chance that your PBN will ever get detected. If Google tries to ban linking, then people doing regular SEO will also get hurt which Google will never do.

So, instead of banning everything, Google targeted a few popular PBN services and some famous bloggers that were using PBN and were open about it. Google did this to scare others about using PBN’s to their advantage. We assure you that Google didn’t do anything against who are thinking of building a PBN or already using them properly.

Advantages of PBN

Finally, let’s look at some of the advantages that you can get while you use PBN’s

More Effective: In all the SEO techniques, PBN is the most effective. If you build your PBN correctly with the niche domains, you will get better results.

Harder to Identify: Despite many claims from Google, it is very difficult to identify a properly built PBN. Mostly it is only possible for Google to trace any PBN if the webmaster handling it makes a major mistake.

A Practical Technique: It only seems easy in theory but building a proper PBN is a demanding task which also needs finesse.  Buying expired or parked domains and adding niche content in them requires not only money but a lot of hard work as well. Not to mention that you have to cover your tracks as well as we mentioned above.

Side Profit: It is obvious that you create a PBN to boost your website, but you can also sell links to other websites to earn some extra cash. While this process is profitable, it can also pose a threat to your PBN. Make sure that the website you are selling a link to is safe and they are not your direct competitor.

Full control: Finally it is always good to have control over the situation, especially when you are doing SEO. You won’t have to create quality content and still look for others approval before they link to your website.


 That is all we have to say about PBN, and now it is up to you to take a step by creating your own PBN and look for others approval to get quality links for your website. It is a famous quote and also true that “Fortune favors the bold”. In the end, it all comes to skills and luck that decides if your PBN get caught or your generations use it to profit. Whatever your experience is we love to know about it, so make comment below and tell us about it.

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