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Local SEO Services Case Study

Local SEO Services are optimization performed for businesses targeting local keywords.

Typical keywords include the name of the city, town or state plus the service or product being offered. For example, if you provide SEO services in California, the keyword would be “SEO services California.”

The advantage of using local keywords is that they generally, not always, the target keywords are low competition, which is easier to rank for.

In this case study, let’s take a look at how we helped a construction business in Portland, USA reach the first page of Google in under 30 days.

Local SEO Summary

If you are a business just targeting a specific location, local SEO services can be very effective. However, if your business does not have a physical presence, then other services are a much better fit.

In this case, after browsing our SEO services, our client ordered our Supreme SEO Package, which combines the best SEO services according to the complete SEO strategy guide by Google. Because the client chose Supreme SEO, it means that there are no gaps in their SEO strategy — Supreme SEO covers it all. For example, if our client focused on simply one service, such as our PBN links, he would still need other best-practice backlinks.

Instead, Supreme SEO has his website SEO needs covered on all bases.

Results of our Local SEO Services

Using our best SEO service, we were able to achieve exceptional results for our client in under 4 weeks.


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This is a very good result for our client. As we work more in the upcoming months, we will be focusing on more keywords and reach the very top of Google for all keywords.

Local SEO Services Summary

When local businesses invest in SEO, the most common question we get is about ROI. ROI is important as cash flow is king for most small businesses. While no SEO company can never guarantee this, what we can do is promise greater exposure through building word of mouth and higher Google rankings.

One of the great things about Diesel Core is the use of press releases, which means from day one, we are helping our clients build their brand profile and also providing 600+ DoFollow backlinks, which are invaluable for search engine optimization and improving online rankings.

Local SEO works.

Find out more about our local SEO packages here and start increasing your online presence and Google rankings with our trusted, powerful SEO services.